Are you facing a difficult battle?

You are not alone in your struggles.

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Saturday, October 1st, 2022

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST

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Hosted by Tam Jackson and the Christian Authors Network

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Ready to get your breakthrough?


You're going through a tough time right now and you don't know what to do.


It feels like everything is against you and you're all alone. You don't know how you're going to make it through this.


There is good news: 

God is with you.


 He has helped you in the past and he will help you again. All you have to do is remember his faithfulness and call on him in your time of need. Then expect the impossible because, with God, all things are possible.




To the Most Inspirational Event of the Year


The Final Stage of the 2022 Speak Up Competition


No matter what battle you're facing—whether it's an illness, financial difficulties, relationship problems, or anything else—we are here to remind you that God is faithful and He will help you win it. 


We have an incredible lineup of Christian authors and speakers who have fought through two rounds of fierce competition to share their unique "setback to success" formula with you! They are on a mission to help you find joy, peace, and happiness again!


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An Important Message from

Tam Jackson

Founder of the Christian Authors Network

 How do some people find the strength to keep going and keep believing in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles?


The last few years have been hard for many. And the "hits" just keep on coming...


It seems like every day, the cost of living gets just a little bit higher.


Gas prices have skyrocketed, and groceries are becoming more and more expensive.


Even simple things like going out to eat or going to the movies are becoming luxuries that many people can no longer afford.


It's no wonder that so many people are struggling to stay optimistic about what the future holds. And unfortunately, economists are predicting that things are only going to get worse.


So how are some people able to find the strength to push through?


By leaning on to what they know from experience to be true:

God is able, no matter how things look.


Let our line of up inspirational speakers who have survived grief, tragedy, trauma, and loss, help you to remember this truth and encourage you in your faith.


You will be inspired and encouraged to know that no matter what you are facing now and what the future holds, God is always with you and He can help you to overcome ANYTHING.


You won't regret it. In fact, you'll probably leave feeling like a new person.


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The grand prize winner of the Speak Up Competition will win a luxurious stay in Colorado Springs to record their professional speaker reel and be featured in a special Expect the Impossible Book project, absolutely FREE!

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Meet the Speakers

Our speakers come from all walks of life, and they're all united by their faith in God and their passion for sharing His love with others. Their stories will help you remember that God is in control and He has a plan for your life no matter what challenges you may face. They will encourage you to lean on God's strength and trust in His goodness. With God by our side, we can overcome anything!

Lystra Wilson

Lystra is the best-selling author of “Get Real: Healing Your Identity and Unlocking Your Purpose” and just released the highly impactful “Five-Fold Females Study Journal.” She accepted Christ at the tender age of four and is passionate about helping others to heal and thrive! She is a country girl at heart who loves horses, butterflies, and transparent conversations.


Dori Durbin

Dori Durbin is a Christian wife, mom, author, illustrator, and kids’ book coach who after experiencing a life-changing illness, quickly switched gears to follow her dream. She creates kids’ books (and coaches others) to provide a fun and safe passageway for kids and parents to dig deeper and experience empowered lives Dori has written three children’s books in her Little Cat Feelings Series: “Little Cat Needs Space,” “Little Cat Feels Left Out,” and “Little Cat & Dog’s Birthday Bake: A Recipe in Caring” and will always own a furry horde of cats.

Jenny Rosario de Casiano


JENNY ROSARIO de CASIANO is an actor, spokesperson, author, and philanthropist living in Florida with her husband. Jenny wrote her children’s book, “Sunny Days with Mommy & Me”, based on her own experience as a single mother to her son, Marcos. She has significantly fond memories of their time together living with their dog, Harley, when Marcos was between four and six years old. Marcos now attends Yale University while Jenny writes children’s books, continues to work as an actor, and enjoys taking part in missionary work around the world.

Mandy Leigh

Mandy Leigh is a certified Transformation Coach, with a focus on trauma recovery, based in northeastern Pennsylvania. She is a sought-after conference and retreat speaker and author. She brings a unique approach to healing by combining the power of the supernatural with holistic healing methods and techniques to bring lasting relief and freedom.

Kim Lengling

Sharing her faith, nature, love of rescue animals, and as a veteran living with PTSD, Kim Lengling has been writing since 2004. She has been featured as a co-author in seven anthologies, is the lead author and coordinator of a collaborative 3-book faith-based series titled When Grace Found Me, the host of the podcast Let Fear Bounce, host of The Write Stuff, The Author’s Voice TV Show with the Believe In Your Dreams TV Network and a co-host of a weekly radio show, Voices4Vets.

Tarrent-Arthur Henry

Tarrent-Arthur Henry is an ordinary man doing extraordinary things for the Kingdom of GOD. He is a husband and step-father of two wonderful young men as well as the founder and guiding force of ‘Righteous Uplifting Nourishing International, Inc’. a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization whose global mission is to empower people and change lives. Tarrent-Arthur is a Writer, Author, Poet, Pastor, Chaplain, Disaster Relief and Mental Health Responder and a Certified Coach, Speaker, Teacher and Trainer with The John Maxwell Team. Plus, he is the co-host of ‘Transforming Lives’ which is hosted by his wife, Helen Cummings- Henry. 

Charity Goodwin

With 20 years in ministry, quick wit, and practical wisdom, Rev. Charity Goodwin is a speaker on leadership as well as spiritual wholeness and emotional wellness. She’s the Clayton Site Pastor at The Gathering in St. Louis, MO, which is her hometown. Charity strengthens her ministry with certifications in Emotional Intelligence from Six Seconds as well as the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Her first book GET UP: Unearthing your Passion and Taking Brave Action in 50 Days was released in March 2020. It’s a devotional journal.

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